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Course Number:CS U665
Credit Hours:4
Course Title:Compilers

Course Description:Studies the construction of compilers and integrates material from earlier courses on programming languages, automata theory, computer architecture, and software design. Examines syntax trees; static semantics; type checking; typical machine architectures and their software structures; code generation; lexical analysis; and parsing techniques. Uses a hands-on approach with a substantial term project.

Fall Offering:Lab/Coreq 1:

Spring Offering:Lab/Coreq 2:

Summer Offering:Lab/Coreq Remarks:

Summer 1 Offering:Prerequisite 1:CS U380

Summer 2 Offering:Prerequisite 2:CS U660

Cross-Listed Course 1: Prerequisite 3:

Cross-Listed Course 2: Prerequisite 4:

Cross-Listed Course 3: Prerequisite 5:

Cross-Listed Course 4: Prereq Remarks:

Cross-Listed Course 5: Repeatable:N

Additional Information:Approved course: NU Core—Capstone
Satisfies NU Core requirement: Writing Intensive in Major